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Our doctors routinely see a variety of patients ranging from those that may have suffered trauma in auto or work-related accidents to those whose health has become compromised by day-to day stress and aging, additionally including those who suffer with conditions arising out of sport-related injury. This however, is not the full extent of the patient concerns we may help with as there are many others, The intent of chiropractic are offered at our office is to first determine if a person’s condition may be effectively treated with chiropractic methods, then to determine as clearly as possible, any spinal or body region that has been biomechanically disrupted resulting in that persons current condition. There are several strategies our doctors of chiropractic will implement to achieve this. Our office will initiate a doctor-patient relationship during a consultation with each patient and the Doctor. Following this, a comprehensive physical examination is given including range of motion measurement of the injured region, postural analysis and a functional assessment. Specific x-rays are then taken of the patient in-office to visibly determine if there are any biomechanical problems of the area of complaint. The films are viewed and discussed with each individual patient are pertaining to their area of concern. The doctor will then give an explicit description of any visible problems and correlate with that description how it may be causing difficulty with physical function or creating certain symptoms in that person’s body. A chiropractic plan is then discussed with each patient including an in-office treatment regimen, ergonomic information and a home stretching regimen specific to each individual patient’s needs.

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustment is the core of chiropractic treatment each of our patients receives a tailored to meet the specific physical health needs of each patient we care for. The spinal adjustment is a manual attempt at restoring or improving spinal and/or extremity integrity in an attempt to do all of the following: decrease patients pain, increase strength, balance muscular loads on the spine and restore nerve function where it may be compromised due to spasm, inflammation, incorrect spinal movement or other means. By achieving this it is our goal to increase each patient’s physical ability and ultimately optimize their functional health. To improve their LIVES! For the doctors and staff at our office it is a rewarding job and a way of life---our results speaks for themselves. Just ask our patients.

Stop in and see just how... We take the TIME to CARE for you.